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  • Player Pitch 8U
  • Coach Pitch 6-7
  • T-Ball 5-6
  • Clinic 4
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  • Fall Majors
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Junior League

The Junior League (formerly Babe Ruth Baseball) is for 13 to 15 year old players.  They play on the full-size baseball diamond (60 feet, 6 inches pitcher’s mound to home plate and 90 feet between the bases). Games are played against neigboring towns.  This League is designed to help players make the transition between Little League and High School or Senior League.

The games are played a Coolidge Field in the Saddle River County Park and At Veteran’s Field in Saddle Brook.


The Major’s division consists of players selected in a draft. It is for 11 and 12 year olds with some 10 years playing up for the season or called up from the Minors to fill in for a game. This is the last Division before moving on the Babe Ruth Baseball on the full sized (60, 90) diamond.

This is the most competitive division and players will be displaying all of the skills that they have acquired from all of the other divisions. Scores and Standings are kept for each game. At the end of the season, there are Playoffs ending with a Championship Game.


The Minors is an instructional league that can be made up of children nine and 10 years of age.

Eleven-year-old players that are not selected by a Majors team, will play that season in the Minors. The same applies to twelve-year-old players, whose parents have signed them down (to the Minors). Twelve year-old are not allowed to pitch in the Minors.

The Minors is a competitive Division with scores and standings kept. At the end of the season, there are Playoffs ending with a Championship Game.

Player Pitch 8U

In the Player Pitch Division, batters now learn to hit against other players instead of the Coach.  Proper pitching technique is taught This Division is designed to prepare these 8 year old for the more coompetitive nature of the Minors Division they will enter when they turn 9. No scores or standings are kept.

Coach Pitch 6-7

The Coach Pitch Division is where 6 and 7 year old player learn how hit pitching from a Coach instead of of the Batting T.  This is to prepare them for Player Pitch when they turn 8.  No scores or standings are kept.

T-Ball 5-6

This division consists of five and six-year-old children. The objective in this Division is to improve basic skills and introduce the rules of the game. Some Coach Pitch may be used. No scores or standings are kept.

Clinic 4

The Clinic 4 Division consists of four-year-old children. Our objective in this Division is to introduce them to the game and teach basic skills. The emphasis is on fun and sportsmanship.


The Challenger Division is for girls and boys from ages 5 to 21    Any player from any town can join.  The cost to register for the season is $40.00.  the Challengers Division plays other towns that also have Challengers League.  Participants receive a team shirt, hat, trophy, and a couple of parties.   We hold an end-of-season party, Christmas party, and a special games BBQ usually in May from Lou Verile and The Elks Club